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       1.Since the island soil has been barren for so many years, the natives must now_________ much of their food.

  (A) deliver (B) import (C) produce (D) develop (E) utilize

  2. Because Jenkins neither _________ nor defends either management or the striking workers, both sides admire his journalistic_________.

  (A) criticizes. .acumen

  (B) attacks..neutrality

  (C) confronts. .aptitude

  (D) dismisses. .flair

  (E) promotes..integrity

  3. Some anthropologists claim that a few apes have been taught a rudimentary sign language, but skeptics argue that the apes are only_________ their trainers.

  (A) imitating (B) condoning (C) instructing (D) acknowledging (E) belaboring

  4. It is ironic that the_________ insights of the great thinkers are voiced so often that they have become mere_________.

  (A) original. .clichés

  (B) banal. .beliefs

  (C) dubious. .habits

  (D) philosophical. .questions

  (E) abstract. .ideas

  5. The most frustrating periods of any diet are the inevitable_________, when weight loss_________ if not stops.

  (A) moods. .accelerates

  (B) feasts. .halts

  (C) holidays. .contracts

  (D) plateaus. .slows

  (E) meals. ceases

  6. Since the author‘s unflattering references to her friends were so_________, she was surprised that her_________were recognized.

  (A) laudatory. .styles

  (B) obvious. .anecdotes

  (C) oblique. .allusions

  (D) critical..eulogies

  (E) apparent. .motives

  7. Mark was intent on maintaining his status as first in his class; because even the smallest mistakes infuriated him, he reviewed all his papers_________ before submitting them to his teacher.

  (A) explicitly (B) perfunctorily (C) honestly (D) mechanically (E) assiduously

  8. Since many disadvantaged individuals view their situations as_________ as well as intolerable, their attitudes are best desccribed as_________.

  (A) squalid. .obscure

  (B) unpleasant. .bellicose

  (C) acute. . sanguine

  (D) immutable. .resigned

  (E) political. .perplexed

  9. The subtleties of this novel are evident not so much in the character_________ as they are in its profoundly_________ plot structure.

  (A) assessment, .eclectic

  (B) development. .trite

  (C) portrayal. .aesthetic

  (D) delineation. .intricate

  (E) illustration. .superficial


      1.If it is true that morality cannot exist without religion, then does not the erosion of religion herald the_________ of morality?

  (A) regulation (B) basis (C) belief (D) collapse (E) value

  2. Certain animal behaviors, such as mating rituals, seem to be_________, and therefore _________external factors such as climate changes, food supply, or the presence of other animals of

  the same species.

  (A) learned..immune to

  (B) innate. .unaffected by

  (C) intricate. .belong to

  (D) specific. .confused with

  (E) memorized. .controlled by

  3. Shaken by two decades of virtual anarchy, the majority of people were ready to buy_________ at any price.

  (A)order (B)emancipation (C)hope (D)liberty (E)enfranchisement

  4. As a person who combines care with_________, Marisa completed her duties with_________as well as zeal.

  (A) levity. .resignation

  (B) geniality. .ardor

  (C) vitality. .willingness

  (D) empathy. .rigor

  (E) enthusiasm. .meticulousness





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